DOWN I GO — to 149.5!!


So, I woke up this morning, and just like most mornings, I ran upstairs to the scale to weigh myself. I know I shouldn’t do this — its obsessive, and my weight is always going to be changing with water weight, fat loss, new muscle, etc. — BUT I DONT CARE. I do it, and I’m probably not going to quit anytime soon.

Aaaanyways — when I stepped onto the scale this morning..well, youll NEVER guess what it said!!!!! …ok, ok…. GUESS!!!


IT SAID 149.5 pounds!!





(and 1/2)



Ahh!! Seriosly! I almost screaaamed, but (fortunately for my two sleeping roommates) I held it in, and ended up “SCREAMING” it on facebook instead, haha!

This was the first time I had seen any number in the 140s since junior high! AHHH!! I didnt care about the number itself—-but I DID care about how it showed my progress! It showed me that ANYTHING (even the things I didn’t think were possible…like hitting a weight below 150) IS POSSIBLEfrom this point forward, I REALLY REALLY KNOW what I have accomplished, and I REALLY REALLY KNOW what I am capable of —- ANYTHING!!!

PARTAYYYYY TONIGHT!! Can I get a HECK YEAH?!?!?!?!!? =)



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