29 Inches!!!!


So… today I want to stand in front of the mirror.

I want to be VAINNN!!!!!

I want to stare at myself and soak in what I’ve accomplished so far– I want to bend and twist and pose and let myself feel awesome about what I’ve done and what I have left to do!

Yesterday I bought a pair of size 29″ jeans at Vanity — that’s about a size 8!! Yes, they’re snug in the thighs and of course I could trim another couple inches or so off of my tummy so they would fit perfectly—but today I DON’T CARE. I feel good about myself, about my weight loss, and about how ROCKIN’ I feel and look in these jeans!!

I bought a pair of 29s from The Gap last week and a pair of size 10 slacks. The jeans fit well but are a tiny bit too tight in my butt and tummy, and when I sit down *insert ughh shuttering noise now* well, let’s just say I shouldn’t sit down in them or wear them too much in public yet. They were $74 and will be GREAT MOTIVATION to fit into perfectly — hopefully be the end for this month!! 🙂
The slacks were too big so I took them in yesterday and traded in for a size 8. Somewhat snug in my rear—but they stretch! Hopefully I won’t need the stretch factor to make them fit beautifully in the next few weeks!!! Come onnnnnnn motivation!

Of course, I am still on my journey and have more weight to lose—but this was SUUUUCH an incredible feeling!! I couldn’t help but want to post about it!! ahhhhh! For everyone who says that a women’s size is just a number and doesn’t matter—probably never fit into a size 18 in high school and then fit into a size 8 just a few years later!!!

Both vanity and gap jeans “fit” now — my legs and butt look awesome in them (in my opinion…) I definitely still have some work to do — but both will TOTALLY be worth the wait and the work when I can fit in them and look perfect and incredible in them!! IM SO EXCITED!! 🙂

So… for now, I’ll go for size 8 “too tight” jeans — I think I look great, I feel great, and (ultimately) isn’t that what really matters!? 🙂

Oh… here’s a peek at my new 29″ jeans from Vanity:20130306-004131.jpg

Just LOOK at that tummy–and those jeans: totally buttoned!